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A Montessori inspired, Christ-centered education equipping students with leadership skills for the 21st century 

Empower your child to achieve their dreams. We guide learners to pave their own path to success by developing real-world skills and character traits that matter most!

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the young heroes who enter our doors to embark on a journey to find their God given calling that will change the world.

We've found that learners are far more capable than they are given credit for. We are removing the ceiling on traditional education and unlocking the potential for our eagles to soar beyond.  

Our goal is to guide learners to become independent, problem-solving, critical thinkers.

Gardening Lesson


Guides repond to learners with intentional thought provoking questions that empower young minds with the tools and confidence they need to discover their incredible capability for self driven learning. 

This discovery ignites a joy and curiosity that sets the stage to become a life long learner. 

Art Class


Eagles are given hands on experience through socratic discussions, self-paced challenges and real-world quests for science, history and Biblical studies.

Development of entrepreneurial skills and the exposure to visual, performing and liberal arts prepare children for apprenticeships and real-world conquests.

School Laboratory


With a deep dive into the legends of great heroes of the past, their struggles, challenges and ability to persevere and overcome, learners are immersed in civilization studies that challege them to stand in their shoes and make tough choices. 
Cultivation of character development through the pursuit of Godly wisdom and virtue occur through commitment to high community standards of excellence set by the eagles. 

JOY  +



Praise for Acton

“Acton Academy is on the vanguard of change in education in our country.”

— Seth Godin, Author of STOP STEALING DREAMS



****Now Enrolling Ages 4-13****
Limited spots available!

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